The Chairman of the buyukeksiTurkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Mehmet BUYUKEKSI, shared his views on the recent referendum:

“In line with our comments prior to the referendum, we believe that voters have made the right choice for the future of Turkey.”

Mr. Büyükekşi continued as follows: “It is our wish that this outcome will prove to be beneficial for Turkey. Voters have shown their commitment to the continuation of the political environment based on trust and stability. They have understood the importance of the elimination of double-headed decision making in the government and put an end to the process which might pave the way for coalition governments, and hence, heal the wound which show the risk of reopening. Today is the day for a change in Turkey. Hopefully, with the “system of government of the presidency of the republic”, obstacles imposed by the bureaucracy will lessen, decision-making procedures will significantly gather speed, and problems encountered during the implementation of the policies will be alleviated. At the same time, a more effective coordination among the Ministries will be achieved; therefore, public productivity will increase to far higher levels.

Moreover, investment growth will gain pace as a result of the environment of stability and trust rendered by the new governmental system. Thus, productivity, production, and employment rates will increase.

As a result of the referendum, we declare that 2017 is not only the “breakthrough year” in Turkey’s exports, but also marks the “breakthrough year” for Turkey in every aspect. We will proceed with our objectives for 2023 with more confidence.”


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